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IP Gold Exclusive Airdrop (IPG) 1 month ago

The IP Gold Ecosystem is a set of IP-based services, including email, online advertising, content publishing, proxy, VPN, cloud services, and more, that are monetized both simultaneously and in a one-to-one life-cycle that creates long-term retail and wholesale service revenues. IP Gold is rated 4,7/5 by ICO Bench.

IP Gold is airdropping 5 IPG (~$5) for joining and 1 IPG (~$1) for every referral!. ICO token price: 1 IPG = 1 USD

How to join?

  • 1. Go to airdrop form
  • 2. Register on IP Gold site and complete KYC
  • 3. Complete a few quick steps on Telegram and Twitter on airdrop form
  • 4. Submit airdrop form with your ETH address and other details
  • 5. Refer friends to earn 1 IPG (~$1) for every referral! You can refer unlimited!
  • 6. Check your referral balance on dashboard

For questions about airdrop, please see FAQ. Airdrop token distribution is after token sale between July 1st and July 14th 2018.

Estimated value
~$5 + ~$1 for every referral